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Shades of Gray Rabbitry is a dedicated rabbit farm, focusing on the ethical and sustainable production of high-quality rabbit meat. With an emphasis on responsible breeding and animal welfare, this rabbitry ensures the health and happiness of their rabbits throughout their life cycle.

Shades of Gray Rabbitry provides customers with a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional meat sources, while maintaining the highest standards in animal care and environmental practices. Experience the tender and flavorsome rabbit meat from Shades of Gray Rabbitry, and indulge in a guilt-free, eco-friendly protein source.



Shades of Gray, a family-founded Canadian enterprise, is owned by Keri Gray and Brian Chaney. Our motivation stemmed from our daughters’ food allergies and the necessity for a nutritious diet. This led us to uncover the health advantages rabbit meat provides for both humans and pets, prompting us to raise rabbits.

Having been raised on a farm with parents who owned a butcher shop, it was an organic choice for the farm to begin offering federally inspected rabbits to nearby butcher shops, grocery stores, and eateries. As a result, our business and product offerings expanded.


our mission

Maintaining our rabbit’s health is very important, so we have a team consisting of our local Vet, Guelph University Rabbit Specialist that has been instrumental in creating a farming plan and barn environment that works. We pride our farm on loving all our animals, our rabbits are raised in a happy barn with lots of enrichment toys, high quality natural feed, natural lighting, fresh air and natural ventilation.

We work hard to keep a healthy, clean, stress free environment along with regular health check-ups for all the rabbits that are raise as this contributes to the great taste and quality of our meat products.



Shades of Gray Rabbitry’s mission is to provide high-quality rabbit meat through sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. We are proud of our roots and honor them by moving forward with this mission.

Our belief in farm-to-table principles ensures that the rabbits we raise are federally inspected and sold to local stores, restaurants, and wineries, promoting local food products. By focusing on animal welfare and enrichment, Shades of Gray Rabbitry aims to make a positive impact on the community by offering ethically sourced and locally produced rabbit meat.



Shades of Gray Rabbitry is owned by Keri Gray and Brian Chaney. Keri Gray is an Indigenous member of the Algonquin of Pikwakanagan First Nation. Her businesses are certified by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. We are dedicated to acknowledging and honoring our ancestry while actively engaging in and learning from our family communities.

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